UFC champion Sean O’Malley announces business partnership with Jake Paul after MMA challenge and face-off stunt


UFC bantamweight champion ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley is now teaming up with Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul for a lucrative new kind of partnership.

At the start of this week, Jake Paul and UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley were talking about fighting each other in MMA; it’s ended with the pair confirming a new business partnership together.

Sean O'Malley prepares to face Marlon Vera of Ecuador in the UFC bantamweight championship fight during the UFC 299 event at Kaseya Center on March...
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Sean O’Malley and Jake Paul join forces in new business venture

Over the weekend, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley confirmed that not only was he to become a business partner to the infamous social media star turned boxer, but that he’s actually a co-owner of Jake Paul’s latest business venture.

The company is called ‘W’ and is set to produce a range of men’s personal care products exclusively to Walmart, including a body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant; with items such as hair gels and a 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner reportedly set to launch by August 2024.

O’Malley took to Instagram to announce the partnership, posting an image of himself in a bathtub of W-branded products with the following caption, “W co-owner. Bathing in all its glory, I smell like 1000 roses having s*x rn.”

“These products are made for champions and f****** that live life to the fullest like me. Vitamin infused to help the 60-70% of young men who are deficient in vitamin D and magnesium, and we took out all the weird ingredients our competitors have.

“Jake and I together will save the smelly. Go to your local Walmart now and run this s*** up babbyyy,” wrote the bantamweight king, who couldn’t help but add in a jab to his expected next opponent Merab Dvalishvili: “P.s Merab you need this stinky boy.”

Speaking of his expected next fight against Dvalishvili, O’Malley recently teased that a date and location for that bantamweight title fight will be announced within the next few weeks by the UFC.

Back to Suga’s business partnership with Paul, and ‘The Problem Child’ also posted a congratulatory announcement message to his page in which he welcomed O’Malley to the W Team.

“For those who keep asking if we are fighting. The answer is yes. Fighting odor and sweaty arm pits… The Legend. The undefeated UFC Champ as our first W co-owner announcement.

“Sean is the definition of a walking W. We built a savage team of W avengers filled with the best athletes, artists, and influencers.”

Jake Paul and Sean O’Malley react to UFC 303 main event pull

The announcement of O’Malley’s involvement with W comes on the heels of a headline-grabbing week for the pair of budding combat sports superstars.

After speculation surrounding the withdrawal of one Conor McGregor from his upcoming PPV return on June 29 started to heat up, O’Malley tweeted out “I’ll fight Jake Paul to save UFC 303.”

In return, Paul posted “MMA fight before Tyson [check]” before following up with a second post, “100% will kill Omalley in MMA. He’s a small man. PFL Vs UFC June 29th.”

Less than 24 hours later, and the pair linked up in person for a face-off with Paul teasing “Little a** boy, I’m going to submit you,” before O’Malley ‘pushed’ the boxer after stating “Mike Tyson’s going to clean you up.”

Now that the announcement of O’Malley’s involvement with W has been confirmed, as well as McGregor’s legitimate withdrawal from the event, it’s pretty obvious that the whole UFC 303 talk was merely a PR stunt to gain some initial traction for the launch.

That being said, Paul did also repost a surprisingly heartfelt message from BAVAFA Sports that was seemingly directed at McGregor, which started by stating “Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport.”

“The impact is considerably higher in individual sports and even more so in combat sports where the event is built around specific marquee matchups.

“Fans lose and so do the fighters. No one wants to have to cancel or reschedule but it’s the business of fighting and ensuring athletes are healthy before stepping into battle.”

As we wait on news of O’Malley’s next fight in the UFC, Jake Paul is set to return to action a little later than expected; with his boxing bout against Mike Tyson now scheduled for Friday, November 15.

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