How To Manifest The Law Of Attraction For Strong Business Partnerships


You’d be wise to use the law of attraction to build out stronger, more strategic…

Entrepreneurship is rife with uncertainty and stress, with 72% of founders experiencing depression, anxiety, burnout, panic attacks and other mental health challenges related to their business.

One of the better known concepts in philosophy entrepreneurs can tap into is the “law of attraction” — the idea that positive thoughts and an optimistic mindset are going to help an individual achieve positive results. Conversely, negative thoughts are going to lead to negative outcomes.

This law of attraction has been used in disciplines as diverse as sales and sports. While some might find the concept hokey, leveraging the law of attraction in your everyday work can set you up for stronger and more successful strategic partnerships.

Principles Behind Manifesting The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is based on some key universal principles. First is the idea that “like attracts like.” We often use this to describe how people attract those who are similar to them — something that certainly rings true in business partnerships. As an extension of this, your thoughts are believed to help attract or produce similarly positive or negative experiences and outcomes.

Another underlying principle is “nature abhors a vacuum” — that by removing negative influences, you can then create space to be filled by positive thoughts and outcomes. Finally, the idea that “the present is always perfect” emphasizes that there are always things that can be done to improve the present.

These principles exist regardless of whether an entrepreneur is actively mindful of the law of attraction. As such, those who focus on unlocking the power behind them can set themselves up for a distinct advantage.

Putting The Law Of Attraction Into Action In Business

Speaker, mindset coach and entrepreneur P.J. “Papi” DiNuzzo is a fan of using the Law of Attraction. He is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of several books, including Manifest Anything You Can Imagine.

I had the opportunity to interview DiNuzzo to explore how entrepreneurs can tap into the Law of Attraction for creating partnerships. DiNuzzo explained it simply: “The energy you bring to any business partnership is the same kind of energy you’ll get back. If you enter that partnership with negative energy, it will create a relationship that struggles with alignment, communication and more.”

Continued DiNuzzo, “When you approach business relationships with negative energy, people aren’t going to want to work with you in the first place. When you’re positive, you draw like-minded partners to you, and working together becomes far more enjoyable and far more likely to be successful.”

This idea can be especially important when trying to create win-win business partnerships. Your mindset as you look for partners will have a direct impact on the type of partners you end up working with. For example, if you go in with a purely transactional mindset, you’ll end up with a partner that is only focused on the transaction, and not in how they can create value.

On the other hand, if you focus on the mindset of how you and your partner can maximize value for each other, you’ll be far more likely to attract partners with similar values. While you will still need to have crucial conversations at the start of the partnership to ensure your goals are fully aligned, a foundation of shared values already gives you a greater likelihood of success.

The law of attraction also supports strong business partnerships by encouraging those involved to seek opportunities for improvement and growth. The idea of replacing negative thoughts with positive ones also applies to partnership activities. It motivates both sides to evaluate which aspects of the partnership aren’t working as well as they could, and find solutions to improve them.

Manifesting the law of attraction can ultimately help drive innovation within these partnerships, allowing you to unlock more effective ways of working together and achieving better results than originally anticipated.

How To Better Manifest The Law Of Attraction

While the law of attraction can have a powerful impact on your business partnerships and other areas of your work, it can often be difficult for entrepreneurs to apply. As mentioned previously, the majority of entrepreneurs suffer from stress, which can lead to depression. This can make manifesting the law of attraction into your day-to-day routine more challenging — but all the more essential.

By striving to become more positive, you can be better equipped to deal with the challenges of entrepreneurship so you can bring your best self to any business partnership.

Making the law of attraction a natural part of your life takes practice. Common ways to do this include cultivating a sense of gratitude (such as by keeping a gratitude journal), looking for the positive in any situation (including by reframing negative events) and using positive affirmations to counter negative thinking.

For entrepreneurs, visualizing their goals and using them to take actions that will create positive change can be especially helpful in strengthening business partnerships. Efforts to improve your communication skills or enhancing certain aspects of your business will make you easier to partner with in the future.

Creating Your Own Success

Manifesting the law of attraction can sometimes seem too simple to be true, and while it doesn’t necessarily generate immediate outcomes, there is no denying the long-term influence it can have on all aspects of your life.

By using these principles to bring a greater sense of positivity and optimism to your business partnerships, you and your partners can become more motivated and better able to handle challenges.

You’ll also be better positioned to identify and attract those partners who will be the most likely to help you achieve your strategic goals. As you regularly incorporate these philosophical principles, the outcomes you desire will be within reach.


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