Digital Marketing Funnel Strategies for B2B Companies in the iGaming Industry


In the rapidly evolving iGaming industry, effective digital marketing strategies are pivotal for B2B companies to thrive.

Alexandra Voronetskaya, the Chief Marketing Officer at EvenBet Gaming, delves into the complexities of digital marketing funnel strategies within the iGaming sector and shares insights on how companies strategically adapt to bolster brand awareness among their target audiences:

Which digital marketing strategies does EvenBet Gaming implement? What makes them unique?

The main idea of a successful digital strategy is to keep it a part of the comprehensive marketing strategy.

There is a practice that the marketing strategy is built considering the stage of the company’s life cycle. Depending on the stage, we have different ratios of our efforts that will be allocated to digital or branding purposes. Today’s main focus of Gaming is to increase brand awareness using brand-building and PR activities. Together with this, we allocate nearly 50% of our efforts to digital strategy to achieve lead generation goals. That’s why, in 2024, working with SEO is one of our top three channels that organically bring us leads. After the first quarter, we see that our digital and comprehensive marketing strategies are really working.

What’s the role of social media marketing?

In 2023, we conducted a vast industry Trend Report, a great part of which was dedicated to effective marketing channels in the iGaming industry. Surprisingly, social media is one of the key channels.

EvenBet top priority for the current year is a human-to-human approach. The greatest use of social media channels is personal branding and presenting the team as real people who are alive and have their expertise and specific approach. It helps us not to be just another corporate structure but to operate as a team. We build communication via personal brands and different spokespersons who operate in the company. Moreover, It is one of the marketing channels that brings quality leads. Due to all the facts mentioned, we’ve defined a dedicated strategy for social media in 2024, as we see a rising trend.

How do you use analytics and optimise conversion rates to refine these strategies?

At Gaming, we split the funnel into marketing and sales parts, the success indicator of which is the conversion rate. In case of any issues, we dig deeper and find details of where we can work harder and what extra sources of growth to consider. For instance, if our direct traffic decreases we look for problems with brand requests or search issues that impact the SEO results. If we see a decreasing conversion rate in the sales part of the funnel, we will consider some nurturing plans for that exact team that they will implement for the leads.



How do you collaborate with sales teams to ensure alignment between marketing efforts and the sales process?

It’s a common opinion that the sales and marketing teams are in constant battle, and these people always have opposite views. But at Gaming, we manage to work as a team and are ready for discussions and compromised solutions.

When we discuss launches or create new media projects, it’s crucial to ask the sales team for feedback. They directly communicate with clients, feel their needs and necessities, and know what tone of voice will impact a target audience more. It’s not always easy, but as the creative marketing team, we can create a new route for our sales team.

How do you handle customer retention and upselling within B2B funnel strategies?

From a marketing perspective, we create e-books using our expertise in iGaming, poker, and operation. This helps gather quality feedback from the clients and deal with the challenges in their markets. It is also the source of insights for the sales team. Via such educational tools, we increase the level of retention and upsell some other products from our portfolio.

We complement e-books with blog articles, short video content in our social networks, and frequent update reviews for our customers to ensure they are well informed about our product changes and news.


How do you adapt digital marketing funnels targeting different geographic regions?

Our approach aligns with the company’s strategy and personalisation, providing tailor-made solutions for the markets. It means that before penetrating a new market or geographic region, you have to conduct research and define the top priorities for your target audience. For example, it might be pretty challenging to adjust the message and make it be perceived correctly in the United Arab Emirates as they look from right to left and perceive the information in this manner while we look from left to right. At the same time, it allows you to test hypotheses and define new, unique approaches.

In another instance, when entering the Latin American market, the approach should differ from the Arab Emirates, considering the cultural peculiarities of these regions and how they perceive the information. At Gaming, we discovered the incomprehension of any negative connotations of communication messages in Latin America. It’s better not to talk about “How not to make 10 mistakes in launching your poker room” there but express “10 successful steps ever created in the world in launching the poker room.” Such a message will affect them and receive more attention.

How do you incorporate social proof and testimonials into B2B iGaming funnel strategies to build trust?

Globallt it is proven that we live now in tribe culture, and all our choices are filtered via testimonials and feedback. Even in regular life, when choosing a coffee machine, we check all the testimonials possible, ask our community who uses it, and whether they are satisfied.

The same with the iGaming business. When you deliver a good product to your clients with which they are satisfied, you are more likely to receive good feedback, which will help build better relationships with new clients in terms of marketing mix.

In EvenBet’s communication strategy, we have a separate block for client testimonials, as we consider them a tool to increase brand awareness and build trust in the product. We should only change the format used depending on different geographical zones. In some regions, text format can work well, while another market will understand your message only if it’s visualised in a video or Shorts.

What are the emerging B2B marketing trends?

It’s great when you have an opportunity to implement some successful ideas and use experience acquired outside of the iGaming industry. But there are several more emerging trends in 2024:

  1. Boosting the team with people who have experience besides iGaming: it always helps to bring a fresh look and fresh blood to the industry.
  1. The rise of inclusivity and responsibility: Five years ago, you could go to ICE London and see a lot of half-naked girls promoting B2B products. There were a lot of sexualisation, racial, and national issues in the industry. But now, it’s becoming more inclusive, and even the biggest event hosts are prohibiting the sexualisation of the shows.
  1. Developing emotional intelligence: Most iGaming companies in B2B are working globally, which means they have plenty of employees who work remotely. This is why you must invest in and enter the leadership and emotional intelligence of your C-level specialists and middle managers. These will increase the emotional knowledge base of your company and exclude problems such as mental burnout.
  1. Increasing attention span: Today, we spend less time perceiving information, so long texts and messages are no longer popular. If you want to get a better result and deliver your message efficiently, you must adjust your communication messages and strategies accordingly.


The iGaming industry demands nuanced digital marketing strategies for B2B companies to thrive. As we embrace these trends, we pave the way for this industry’s more progressive and sustainable future.

By balancing brand-building with lead generation, leveraging social media for personal branding, and adapting messaging to diverse markets, EvenBet shows strategic agility. Moreover, collaboration between marketing and sales, coupled with a focus on customer retention and emerging trends like inclusivity and emotional intelligence, sets the stage for a progressive and sustainable future in this dynamic sector.

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