10 “Best” AI Marketing Tools (July 2024)


Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are revolutionizing nearly every sector, including marketing. Many companies of all sizes are relying on AI marketing tools to promote their brands and businesses. They should be part of any business plan, whether you’re an individual or organization, and they have the potential to take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

AI marketing tools are software or platforms that help create automated decisions based on data that is collected and analyzed, and they have made it far easier to predict buyer behavior. Most of the time, human intervention is not required. 

AI can process massive amounts of information pulled from various sources, such as social media and email. Everyone knows data is key to marketing, and AI takes that one step further while also saving a ton of money and time. Organizations no longer need to rely on a staff for these tasks, which allows them to be used in other crucial areas of the business.

Another major benefit of AI marketing tools is that they allow businesses to personalize their sales and marketing strategies. This can be done through predictive analytics, which provides deep insights into buying habits. You know how companies like Google and Netflix are all about recommendations? This is the work of AI marketing tools. 

There are many impressive options on the market, so let’s take a look at the 10 best AI marketing tools: 

UpGrow leverages AI to organically increase your Instagram followers, tailoring its approach to specific filters such as location, age, gender, language, interests, and hashtags. Fully compliant with Instagram’s policies, UpGrow has been a game-changer since 2016, offering a substitute for an entire social media marketing team by drawing in millions of organic followers.

What sets UpGrow apart is its commitment to connecting you with followers who are not just active but genuinely eager to engage with your Instagram content, from posts to stories. This ensures that, unlike other services that might boost numbers with inauthentic accounts, every follower you gain through UpGrow is real, actively engaged, and truly interested in your content from the get-go.

Some of the offered targeting filters include:

  • Local Targeting: Enhances your presence within a specific geographical area.
  • Age and Gender Selection: Allows for a more refined approach to who follows you, enabling a closer alignment with your ideal audience demographic.
  • AI-Driven Profile Enhancement: Utilizes advanced AI to finely tune your Instagram profile, ensuring it resonates strongly and distinctively with your desired audience.

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Genius.AI is an advanced AI platform specifically designed to enhance sales and marketing efforts by helping businesses grow their audience, promote their products, and convert interest into sales. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools that simplifies and automates marketing tasks, making it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise. By leveraging AI, Genius.AI can create unlimited marketing materials, handle objections, and guide sales conversations, all while maintaining the user’s unique tone and style.

The platform begins by training on the user’s products and brand personality, ensuring that all content generated aligns with the user’s voice. It integrates seamlessly with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, allowing it to assist in managing communications and converting prospects into customers. Additionally, Genius.AI includes an AI-enhanced CRM that organizes tasks and conversations, making follow-ups and note-taking effortless.

Genius.AI is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on simplicity and mobile accessibility, enabling users to manage their marketing activities efficiently from anywhere. It supports multiple languages, allowing for global reach and adaptability. The platform’s flexibility is further enhanced by its LLM-agnostic approach, which enables it to use the best language models available for any given task, ensuring high-quality outputs.

Overall, Genius.AI is tailored for direct sales and network marketing, offering specialized features that differentiate it from general AI tools. It supports users in building their brand, generating leads, and increasing sales, all while minimizing the need for extensive marketing knowledge or experience.

  • Enhances sales and marketing with tailored AI tools.
  • Simple, mobile-friendly design for easy management.
  • Integrates with Facebook and Instagram for conversions.
  • AI-enhanced CRM for organizing tasks and follow-ups.
  • Uses the best language models for high-quality outputs.

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Many recognize Jasper as the best overall AI writing assistant, leading the market with its impressive features and quality. You first provide it with seed words, which Jasper then analyzes before creating phrases, paragraphs, or documents based on the subject matter and tone of voice. It is capable of producing a 1,500-word article in less than 15 minutes.

The platform has more than 50 AI content generation templates, including blog posts, emails, marketing copy, Facebook ad generator, Google ad generator, meta title and description, press release, and much more.

Here is a look at some of the best features of Jasper:

  • More than 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 categories of writing styles
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Intuitive interface
  • Long-form writing assistant (1,000+ words)
  • Identify key elements in text (pronouns, verbs, names, etc.)

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MarketMuse is great option for those looking for an all-around effective AI marketing tool, especially since it deploys AI technology throughout all of its services. It was designed specifically for businesses looking to optimize long-form content, such as landing pages, emails, articles, or sales copies. 

The tool works by carrying out deep AI research about a topic before creating a first draft based on the chosen subject, which can then be improved upon by users. MarketMuse also offers KPIs and a content brief, as well as a built-in editor. 

Here are some of the main features of MarketMuse: 

  • AI in all of its services
  • Conducts deep AI research
  • Creates a first draft that can then be altered
  • Build-in editor and content brief

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The GetResponse AI Email Generator is at the forefront of email marketing innovation, incorporating the sophisticated GPT-3.5 technology. This tool is a game-changer for businesses and marketers struggling with creating compelling email content. It addresses the core challenges of email marketing, such as crafting engaging subject lines and generating content that resonates with specific audiences.

What makes the GetResponse AI Email Generator particularly noteworthy is its range of intelligent features. It offers AI-optimized subject lines that are designed to boost open rates by capturing the recipient’s attention immediately. The generator also excels in creating industry-specific content, ensuring that each email is tailored to the unique trends and keywords of your business sector.

The tool simplifies the email creation process significantly. Users can define their email goals, choose an industry and tone, customize the layout, and then review and send their AI-crafted emails. This streamlined process is not only user-friendly but also highly efficient, saving valuable time and resources.

By leveraging the GetResponse AI Email Generator, businesses can harness the power of AI to enhance their email marketing strategies. This leads to not just time savings, but also the creation of more engaging, relevant, and effective email campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive conversions.

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AdCreative AI is the only conversion-focused generative AI that produces high quality ready-to-use ad creatives. All you need to do is upload your logo, and choose your color scheme and the powerful platform is then ready to launch 100s of different creative ads for you to choose from.

Discover where your competitors get the bulk of their traffic and sales, and monitor their top-performing ad creatives across all social and display platforms.

Determine which ads are the top performers in your ad accounts, learn when to introduce more creatives to prevent ad fatigue, and understand how your ads stack up against those of other companies in your niche.

Best of all you have the freedom to generate as many creatives as you want, regardless of whether you have used all your credits or not. You will only use your credits when you choose to download your generated creatives.

Some of the features include:

  • Analyze ads from competitors and increase your conversion rates.
  • Generate as many ads as you need – only pay for what you use.
  • Identify top performing ads.
  • This platform offers the best ads that we have seen across all platforms.

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Creatify offers a robust suite of AI tools tailored to revolutionize digital marketing and e-commerce advertising. The platform simplifies the creation of video ads by allowing users to directly transform product URLs into engaging videos, complemented by hyper-realistic voice-overs to streamline content production and elevate campaign outcomes. Key features include the URL-to-Video Converter, which seamlessly generates tailored video content by analyzing product details and media directly from URLs.

Adding a personal touch to advertisements is made easy with over 70 lifelike AI avatars. Users can also opt to create a custom digital twin from their video, which helps maintain a consistent digital presence without the need for continuous filming. Creatify’s AI Script Writer aids in crafting compelling narratives that captivate and convert audiences, trained on thousands of successful social media ads.

For auditory enhancement, the AI Voice-Over feature allows the selection of one of 40 unique voice characters to deliver a brand’s message with clarity and realism. Additionally, the platform supports 29 languages, enabling brands to tailor their messages to diverse global audiences effectively.

  • URL-to-Video: Automatically transforms product URLs into custom video ads.
  • AI Avatars: Provides over 70 lifelike avatars and custom digital twin creation.
  • Script Writing: AI generates compelling marketing scripts from successful ad data.
  • Voice-Over: Offers 40 unique AI-generated voices for realistic narration.
  • Multilingual: Supports 29 languages to cater to a global audience.

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Semrush is an entire suite that enables you to perform content marketing campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, analytics, PPC, and much more. Its standout feature is its position tracker, which provides businesses with a way to track how they rank against other sites when it comes to keyword usage. 

The AI marketing tool also offers a Content Marketing Toolkit that enables you to perform topic searches, which provides insight into what is trending. You can then create content marketing plans based on this information. 

Here are some of the top features of Semrush: 

  • Position tracking that shows you ranking for targeted keywords
  • On-page SEO
  • 7 tools aimed at competitor analysis
  • Social media management and content marketing

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This tool enables users to create presentations and edit slides using Generative AI in Google Slides.

The AI-powered suggestions are a game-changer. It’s like having a personal presentation assistant. The process is extremely simple, start with a prompt to generate a customizable outline, then watch as the AI turns it into slides in just a few minutes.

Once this is complete you have multiple options including rewriting the content to change the tone, or remixing the slide to transform the content into a specific layout.

Best of all, Plus AI will generate an outline, which you can customize before generating the presentation itself. To offer additional flexibility, when generating your slides, you can choose a visual theme. After the slides are generated, you can edit them just like any other presentation in Google Slides, export them for PowerPoint, and continue to edit them with Plus AI.

Top Features of Plus AI

  • Powered by the latest in Generative AI
  • Integration between Google Slides and Powerpoint is seamless
  • It creates a presentation that needs only minor editing when used with detailed prompts
  • The ability to rewrite content on slides is a game-changer

Use discount code: UNITEAI10 to claim a 10% discount.

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Scalenut is essentially an all in one marketing tool and is designed to scale. It enables you to quickly and get the entire keyword plan for your niche and to generate a content management strategy to dominate these terms. The software is divided into 4 sections:

Research – Uncover insights and build a strategy that works by getting all the insights and semantic key terms you need to outpace your competition.

Create – Write SEO content that ranks by using the most advanced versions of NLP and NLU (Natural Language Processing & Natural Language Understanding). It offers real-time optimization based on SERP statistics, and offers content that can deliver.

Optimize – Get real-time feedback on where your content stands with a dynamic SEO score. Improve on the go, no more revisions!

Marketing Copy – Write persuasive copy that brings conversions with 40+ AI copywriting templates. This includes the following:

    • Product descriptions
    • Website copy
    • Copywriting Frameworks
    • Email Copyrighting

Claim a 20% discount off the monthly subscription fee. Discount Code: FOREVER20 

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In summary, artificial intelligence (AI) marketing tools are transforming the way businesses promote their brands and connect with their target audience. By automating decision-making processes based on data analysis, these tools can predict buyer behavior, personalize marketing strategies, and significantly reduce the need for human intervention. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

AI marketing tools gather and process massive amounts of data from various sources, providing deep insights into consumer habits and preferences. This allows businesses to create highly targeted and personalized marketing efforts, similar to the recommendation systems used by major companies. With the ability to automate and optimize different aspects of marketing, AI tools are indispensable for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s data-driven world.

The options discussed, from platforms that automate social media growth to those that generate compelling content, offer a range of capabilities to suit different marketing needs. By integrating these AI tools into their marketing strategies, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and success in their promotional efforts.


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